About Us

We are a team 100% committed to the health and well-being of people. For more than 70 years we have been moved by the passion of being able to offer medicines with the highest quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry in the world. Our therapeutic solutions are focused on the prevention and enjoyment of life, are part of our essence and are at the heart of our people. Our manufacturing plant of liquids, located in Guarenas, Miranda state, allow us to ensure the possibility of offering the therapeutics alternatives that patients need. We make medicines for the enjoyment of life, that is our essence..

In Vincenti day by day we are at the forefront of understanding patient’s needs, which drive us to continue innovating and discovering new ways to improve and prolong health within the reach of all..

Our history

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We understand that the most important thing for you is your life, so we focus all our efforts on accompanying you and taking care of you in your different stages, so that you enjoy them to the fullest.


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    Have a thorough control in each of our formulation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes.

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    More than 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market.

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    Broad portfolio of high quality to offer each member of the family products for their well-being.

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    Products throughout the national territory available to everyone.

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    Proud to have local production, our roots in the country and the vision of developing international markets.